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Ooh, I haven't ranted in a while...

The Geekling is on WoW, which might mean Fate is telling me I should be writing instead of killing giant spiders and zombies and things. But then again, my brother seems to always be on WoW, so I'm not sure it actually means anything.

My mood's been all off this past week, so we're adjusting my meds. I am not please, clearly.

Saturday, I went to the Hillwood Museum and Gardens with Mum and Da. The house belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post, whose father started Post Cereals, and who was in charge of the company when it became General Foods, which owned Jell-O and Maxwell House. The house is now a museum used to display her collections of 18th century French and imperial Russian art and artifacts. It's also a monument to what one can accomplish with a lot of money and no taste.

MMP was married four times, and the third hubby was the US ambassador to Russia right before WWII, and while they were there she bought lots of items that the Communists were selling off to raise money. Only after she got home she had someone take a look at the stuff and figure out what it actually was. She did the same thing with a lot of French furniture and items--bought it all up and then had someone figure out what it actually was. The house was actually remodeled to be a museum when she bought it, and there's so much stuff. Everywhere you look the cases are so tightly packed the items are almost touching. It's no better than packrat clutter, but this stuff is historical, so it's ok. Feh.

And add to that the fact that nothing in the museum has any labeling on it. You either have to grab a docent, rent an audio tour, or wander through with no idea what you're looking at. Bad museumship, that.

I mean, yeah, great, she opened the place up as a museum when she died, so people can see the stuff, but the museum isn't free and it's not like she sent the Fabergé eggs and the Russian crown jewels back to Russia. It's only slightly better than outright stealing the artifacts from the native people where they came from.

The gardens were in the same vein: one was based on a French gardening style, and another was a "Japanese-style" garden. It was so awful; filled to the brim with stone lanterns and statues of fish and frogs and a Hotei. A garden that size (maybe 20 feet long, draped along a hill with a waterfall through it) should have one statue, if that. Like the museum, it just felt cluttered, and like MMP had it because it was popular and with no thought for the cultural significance of it.

Mum had expected me to have a capitalism rant, since that's usually my pet peeve and MMP was only slightly better than a robber baron, but it was the total disregard for other people's heritage that pissed me off.

And then we had high tea--complete with mini scones and champagne--which made it all worth it. :D

Sunday, Mum had her peer review group thing, so I baked her cookies to serve along with the fruit and bagels. Somehow, I managed to end up with twice the number of cookies the recipe should have made. We gave a dozen to one of my brother's friends' parents, and another dozen to C at work, and we've been munching, and yet we still have something like two dozen left. I'm pretty sure we had something like 90 cookies when I finished baking.

I basically sat around on Monday, and then I didn't sleep that night because my brain hates me. I still managed to get some work done and do laundry and stuff, but it sucked.

I went down to the office on Wednesday so we could finish the paperwork and clarify a few tasks I wasn't certain of. I've finished most of the first task I was assigned (uploading new material), but O--the lawyer I'm technically working for--keeps coming up with more tasks for me to do. Heh, I'm not complaining (yay, job security), but it's funny.

And today I hauled down to see the shrink, so of course it rained.


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