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Since I can't seem to write today...

Brain's a mess (don't want to talk about it), so I slept late, worked on the website, and now a meme while I WoW. Very constructive, I know.

List 10 platonic male/female relationships in fiction that you enjoy. My attempt at rules:

1. They interact in canon, preferably in a significant way.
2. They are not related. They can, however, view each other as surrogate family.
3. Neither has confessed or implied romantic love for the other in canon.
4. They have not dated, been married, had sex, or made out in canon, on purpose, and of their own free will.
5. A popular fanon ship is OK (though not your ship) but a canon pairing you wish were just friends is out.
6. Try to avoid using the same character or series twice.
7. They don't have to be friends.

1. Stargate SG-1 - Daniel and Sam: Ah, the Wondertwins. I think they're the only ones who understand what the other is talking about most of the time. I think my favorite scene is in the pilot, when they first meet, and they're babbling along, finishing each others' sentences, while Jack, Ferretti, and Kowalski just roll their eyes.

2. Harry Potter - Harry and Hermione: I'm sure she spends a lot of time explaining things more than once, but these two (well, three, because Ron is in there, too) could take over the world if they wanted to.
2a. Remus and Lily: Probably the only thing that kept the Marauders in line.

3. Firefly/Serenity - Mal and Zoe: Their friendship is one that was forged under extreme conditions. They know each other probably better than anyone else does.
3a. Mal and Kaylee: He totally sees her as a little sister.
3b. Mal and River: Ditto.

4. Stargate Atlantis - Ronon and Teyla: They're alone in a sea of Lanteans. I have this mental image of them getting together on Friday nights to eat junk food and talk about how crazy those Earthers are.

5. Eureka - Jack and Jo: Together, they fight crime! And she could totally whoop his ass.

6. There are no women in Supernatural, but I'd probably go with the Boys and Ellen, since they don't see her as a maternal figure, which I think is neat.

7. There are no women in Star Wars, either, so I guess I'll go with Obi Won and Amidala, because there's definitely trust there.

8. (New) Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor and Donna: I didn't like her at first, but she calls the Doctor on his shit in a way that I don't even think Rose would do, and it's good for him.

9. Torchwood - Ianto and Tosh: They both strike me as basically (brilliant) normal people who just got sucked into the crazy. I think they had a bond we never saw on screen.
9a. Ianto and Gwen: Being jealous of each other is a relationship, right?

10. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Picard and Guinan: This is another one where canon tells us that they're really close, but they never tell us why. I would love to have seen it.


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