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a day full of small frustrations

Got run around in circles a bit when I did the application for [local community college], but I am now applied, for the Fall '09 semester. We'll see what happens re: classes, etc, once I actually get in.

Got run around even worse trying to sort out some tax things for the Monologues. I think I have it tentatively sorted (I'm now waiting for a letter thanking us for our donation from the Victim's Advocate on campus, but then we'll be good), but it was an annoying experience. The first person I talked to at the comptroller's office gave me the wrong number to call, so I wound up stuck in the health department's phone tree for a bit, and then when I called the comptroller's office again, I got kicked off the line when I was on hold three times. And when I finally did talk to someone, she was incredibly rude. But at least she transferred me to the right person.

Then I called the FACT Rx people (something that's part of this program I was signed up for as part of my health insurance), and they're really stupid. Basically, the part of it that I'm interested in is theoretically a discount on all prescription medications. However, each individual pharmacy sets the discount for each drug, and there's no standardized list anywhere. So I have to actually go to CVS with the card and see if the discount I might get on the med that isn't covered by my insurance is more than the 25 bucks a month this program costs me. Early guesses say 'no'.

After that Mum took me driving, and after we went to the mall to grab more job applications (people aren't hiring, but they are "accepting applications" :( ). Went to Target to try to get pajama pants, but they didn't have any at all in my size, though they had smaller and larger. And then I was going to get myself bubble tea while Mum was at Starbucks, and I realized that I'd left my wallet on my desk when I took it out to pay the community college's application fee.

It's amazing how frustrating today was, and how much I still managed to get done.


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