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A few things.

Managed to complete or otherwise deal with all three things I listed to get done last night, so that's fun. Next week, I get to go to banks to get actual CD rates, and Mum and I have to arrange to get to the Israeli bond office so I can actually get a check for the money from the bond that matured. Wow, moneys, I (sort of) has them.

Also, tigerlilly2063 has finished playing with the layout for jd_ficathon. It looks great!

D&D with allandaros and the crew tonight, which should be fun. I haven't played D&D since high school, and any tabletop RPG since 2007 or so. I'm looking forward to it.

I think I've banged out some of the "this makes no sense" kinks in what of Act II is already drafted. I still have no idea what I'm doing, but at least I'm not bumbling in the right direction (I hope).

Oh, and I've been assigned an artist, so that's exciting. I think s/he reads this journal, so if you do, a note: helsmeta has the draft of Act I, and should be sending it to you soon, but you're welcome (and encouraged!) to e-mail me if you have any questions/comments/thoughts/etc. I'm totally open to suggestions. Plus, if we're in contact, I can send you the draft of Act II as soon as it's done, rather than going through her. Also, there's one major structural issue in Act I that might mean a few scenes will be removed, so you might want to know that in advance.

Imma stop rambling now and: finish my salad, finish the scene I'm working on (it's a fun one!), and get as much snippeting down before I leave for the Metro station in an hour. Fun times.

Edit In case anyone's curious, the count for Act II is now up to 8050 and I'm shutting it down so I can leave for the station in a few.


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