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a request

So, as most of you probably know, I'm writing a novel for stargate_summer, the first ever Stargate Big Bang (a ficathon wherein a complete novel is written and presented to the fandom). My rough draft deadline is July 31st. And I am...a bit of a spaz.

As some of you probably know, I have a cheerleader/alpha-reader, who's responsible for catering to my whims letting me bounce ideas off of her and reads bits of my draft to tell me if they suck or if they make no sense (certain amount of that going on) and helps me organize my thoughts so I can then put them on the page. However, indywind, my alpha, has some exciting RL stuff going on, so can't answer my daily e-mails as quickly as my spaz requires. (I love you, indywind! You are so awesome.)

So, what I really need is an alpha-prime, someone else I can bombard with questions and freakouts, just until the rough draft is due; then, my beta/editor takes over and she can deal with me. :D Happily, you would not need to be familiar with Stargate canon to assist. The novel takes off from the end of Stargate Atlantis, and the very little you would need to know about canon is either already in the novel, or I an give you a basic crash course beforehand. I'm not concerned about characterization or canon accuracy, just coherence within my project.

Again, I'd only need your help through the end of July, though I would probably be sending you e-mails every day. And, you'll be able to say that you helped me finish my first novel ever, so that's kind of cool.

So, any takers? My e-mail is melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com; drop me a line if you want to help, or you want more info, or whatever.



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