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More Thinky Thoughts

Trying to get some writing done today. I have at least two scenes that I actually know what I'm writing, plus one I can probably expand. And maybe while I'm typing those I'll have a brainstorm about how, exactly, this act should end, which might help me structure the middle.

...but I'm not entirely sure what it should be. Originally, I was thinking it would be a big battle against the Lucian Alliance, but unless the LA directly threatens Our Heroes, it wouldn't fit the Plan (escape, regroup, return to Earth) for the SGC folks to take them on in a big way.

Then I thought that maybe it should be something more Earth-related: a new tech that would help (though they don't even know who they're fighting yet), some bit of intel, etc. Maybe they reconnect with Atlantis? Though, do I really want to be handling two complete crews of people?

(I'm not even thinking about the pregnant Marine right now; I can sort that out later.)

One way or the other, there has to be some big success at the end of the act that will lead directly into the kicker at the very end (no, you don't get to know that one). Thoughts?

Current word count:

I'll be checking back in over the course of the day.


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