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Multitasking Day!

Took triannamaxwell out to see the DC Gurly Show (queer-centric burlesque) at Apex last night, which was a blast. A was performing, which is the first time I've seen her do burlesque, and the whole show was very good (sometimes, you get one that's kind of dull, or out-and-out bad, but everyone was great this time). We also got to chat with a great bartender, so that was fun, too. We were going to run past C's 21st birthday soiree, but the bar they were at had closed by the time we left Apex, and we had no plans to drive out to College Park at 2a to hang out with drunk people. C, I'll make it up to you!

Today, I intend to do two things: write at least 5000 words, and update my icons. The former is pretty straightforward; I think I've figured out the plot goal of Act II, so now I can write towards it. The latter is pretty much silly. Yes, I'm adding 37 new icons, but I'm doing more than that. My personal borderline-OCD is kicked off by things being out of alphabetical order, so I'm deleting all my icons and reuploading them in alpha order. LJ staff people, if you happen to be skimming this, could you add some function that will allow for a reordering of one's icons that doesn't require deleting everything and uploading them in the order you want? Thanks!

We're starting today's wordcount here:

I'm leaving the target at 16000, because really that's the goal for the whole act. Plus, I should be winding up somewhere near there, anyway.

Expect updates over the course of the day.


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