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Trying to function on no sleep doesn't get any easier (thank you, brain, you finally start working and then you go into overdrive). Met up with A and Sarah to switch over some of the banking stuff; with any luck (heh), the majority of the Monologues stuff will be tied up with a pretty bow and ready for me to pass to Sarah by the end of the week. I suspect the actual handover will take a little longer--and that Sarah will have a lot of questions for a while--but it's not like I really have anything more important to do, right?

I'm really looking forward to actually having a work scheduled, though. I'm getting really tired of playing the "Can you work this shift...this afternoon?" "Ye-ah..." game. Really, really tired. But it's money, or it will be eventually, so that's some small comfort.

While I wasn't sleeping last night, I started and finished Robin McKinley's Dragonhaven. It's an interesting story (it's certainly different, which is something), but it's got the worst narrative style ever. Imagine a memoir being written by someone who doesn't quite understand the importance of sentence structure. And didn't take notes while things were happening (ok, that at least makes sense), but the author decided that the person would a) remind us of the fact all the time and b) use that as an excuse to include almost no dialogue.

(A few weeks ago, I finished Gordon Livingston's Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, at Mom's urging, which pretty much encapsulated why I dislike self-help books: there was maybe one true, useful thing in the 40-odd pages, and the rest was a blend of "let's state the obvious" and pop-psych masturbation. Gross.)

I also finally got around to reading theemdash's A Loose Bolt in a Complete Machine, copperbadge's Sing Morning Out of Night, and paian's Safe as Houses. The first two were amazing, the third was equally so though not really my speed content-wise.

Hopefully I can do my own writing soon...


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