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Thank God It's Friday

Bah, what a week.

I've been functional and feeling well-enough everyday--minus the random crying jags prompted by everything from music about politics to diaper advertisements--but I'm not feeling great. The shrink and I agree that this is not where I want to be, but we're hesitant to try anything drastic, since at lease I'm mostly functional now, and it could get a lot worse if we do try something new. So, I wait until winter break, and we try something new then.

I'm finally caught up in classes, though I'm probably going to be behind again after this weekend. The hardest part is American history. The prof tests from the textbook without going over the material in class (unless asked), and since I don't think in highlighted bars I decided to take notes on the textbook. Jesus Christ, though. The book is really well written but very, very dense. I worked on the seventy pages assigned on and off for almost two weeks. It was killer. And now I have another two chapters, roughly the same number of pages, to take notes on for Monday. Eep. I also had a test in the same class today, and while I definitely wrote too much on the essay section, I think I did alright.

Art history is stereotypically vague and completely useless, but the book is good so I'll be fine. The world music class is awesome all over, and the prof likes me because I have experience in music analysis, so smooth sailing there.

Mum's in Florida with the grandparentals, so I'm going to museums with Dad this weekend. He's hitting up a photography exhibit at the Corcoran, and I'm going to the Freer-Sackler to look at Egyptian glasswork for art history. I'm definitely going to be doing a lot of museum crawling this semester, since the art history prof assigned two papers (two pages each, which is a sneeze) and a six-section "journal". No big.

(If I sound like I'm writing things off, I'm really not. It's mostly bravado.)


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Sep. 20th, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)
sorry your depression issues are rearing their ugly head. I know ALL TOO WELL what that's like. Must be something in the air right now because I've been nothing but a crybaby since I got home from DragonCon. Issues with health insurance/finances. Well, it just sucks. You can email me it you need to talk or a shoulder to cry on. I'm cancelling my internet in order to pay for my health care premium increase, but I will find the free wifi spots around so I can stay in touch. Hugs and hope you're feeling somewhat better.
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