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dispatch from the glass box

Am pissed because today's matinee was cancelled, but not until I was already here. So, I've been sitting in the box office since 1pm, then they let me out to have dinner with the cast at 5 and we have another show at 8pm. Honestly, I can't say I'd have accomplished any more if I'd been at home, but at least then I'd have free access to a bathroom. :(

I'm kind of amazed that it's already less than a week until Thanksgiving. Where does the time go? Thanksgiving, btw, is going to suck; Mom's inviting the neighbors over again, which means very little food I eat plus the extreme discomfort of trying to talk to people with whom I have absolutely nothing in common. But, of course, I'm not allowed to skip out to work at a soup kitchen or something because Thanksgiving is a family event (then why are we having it with the neighbors?) and I have no right to tell my mother who she can or can't be friends with. It's weird; Dad treats me with kid gloves when he thinks I'm in a situation that might upset me, Mom seems to like pushing me until I break down in tears. So much for maternal instinct.

(They're both driving me crazy. I've been trying to treat the situation as three adult roommates sharing a house, but at this point housework only gets done when I do it and I'm partially or solely responsible for making dinner most nights. Yes, I understand that they both have full-time jobs, but it's not like I'm spending my time sitting around scratching my ass.)

Wow, that was much more ranty than I'd thought it would be...


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