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a fortnight in summary

The last two weeks or so have been awful, but that seems to be over. Posting of fic, meta, etc. will resume this evening, but until then, have an overview:

Thanksgiving was less horrific than it might have been, since I spent a lot of time cooking or baking and the extra family that Mom was going to invite wasn't able to make it. Still the typical family holiday (lots of people yelling at each other for no reason at all), and the new thing I baked was surprisingly boring, but my other desserts were successful and Mom and I make some damned good veggies. Will post the dark chocolate pie recipe tomorrow sometime, but since I've never seen the pie sit still long enough to take a picture of, you won't have images to drool over.

School is boring me to tears, but I'm kicking its ass, so I shouldn't complain. Highlight for that was the 5-page paper and accompanying presentation that I threw together between 9pm and 4:30am I threw together on Sunday night, plus an ingenious last-minute costume to go with it. There will be pictures (and explanation) of that, too.

That's about all that's going on around here. There will be fic this evening. Now to go wash bathrooms (eugh).


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