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last year-in-review meme

Last one, minus a post of resolutions tomorrow. Now to get cracking on my to-do list (of doom).

How many fics did you post?


How many words did you post?
11831 (though, I would note that I also wrote some 40,000 words on my stargate_summer that will be completed and posted this year)

Fandom Breakdown:
Stargate: SG-1 - 17 fic, 6666 words
Harry Potter - 8 fic, 2074 words
Firefly/Serenity - 3 fic, 300 words
Doctor Who - 1 fic, 100 words
Eureka - 1 fic, 100 words
Babylon 5 - 1 fic, 100 words
original - 2 fic, 2491 words

Story Breakdown:
Gen: 5 (though I think one or two could have undertones)
Het: 8 (OMG there goes my no-het record)
Slash: 20
Femmeslash: 1

Rating Breakdown:
G: 15
PG: 11
PG-13: 3
R: 0
NC-17: 4

Challenges, Recs, and Awards:
continuing, slash_100 (38/100)
continuing, au100 (11/50)
continuing, wtf27 (4/20)
continuing, stargate_summer
completed blanketforts 2006
in January, participated in sidlj's Baby-a-thon
in March, participated in picfor1000
in April, participated in lgbtfest
in June, participated in jackdanielpromptfic's Housewarming
in July, participated in remixredux09
in October, participated in Bunny Euthanasia Project
in October, participated in jd_ficathon VI
in December, submitted to imaginarybeasts Book #18
in December, participated in jackdanielpromptfic's Clichéathon

If you've recced a fic of mine and I missed it, please let me know. I'd like to thank anyone who takes the time to rec my fic.

Stories By Month:
Too Much to Drink (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG) any season, no spoilers. "And how much of the local hooch have you had, Danny?" he asked lightly.
A Deo rex (SG-1, Jack/Daniel UST, PG) missing scene from 4.17. Come on, baby, this is what we've been fighting for.

February: 0

March: 6
Damage Control (Firefly, Mal/Jayne, PG-13) timing non-specific. Mal saw the way Jayne looked at him.
Why No One Talks About P4A-534 (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG) any season, no spoilers. "Don't you start. Just...don't."
Distraction (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG) any season, no spoilers. "Bored, amuse me."
Page By Day (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG-13) early seasons, no spoilers. 365 ways to waste time at work (according to the package)
Compromise (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG-13) any season, no spoilers. "Oh, that was a big word, Jack. Good for you."
Side Effects May Include (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG) any season, no spoilers. "The pink ones make me dopey and the green ones make me sleepy and the white ones make me sick."

April: 1
Breaking News (HP, gen-ish, G) future-time, AU from end of DH, some spoilers mentioned. “Code 235-B is meant to protect homosexual and bisexual witches and wizards.”

May: 0

June: 1
Illicit (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Sam/Pete, NC-17) s8, no spoilers. There was nothing but a flimsy locked door between them and Sam and Pete's housewarming party.

July: 0

August: 1
Enough (The Cambiata Answer Remix) (SG-1, Jack/Daniel UST, G) general spoilers through 5.21. Promise you'll never forget me.

September: 0

October: 11
Excrucior (original [Keyverse], NC-17) The whip comes down onto his back with a snapping sound that has the faintest hint of wetness, like a sharp knife cutting through a slightly overripe melon.
Rituals (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG) s4, no spoilers. Somewhere along the line, Jack's stopped listening.
Voice Activated (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, NC-17) any season, no spoilers. At first, all he’d needed was the sound of Daniel's voice.
Predilection (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, NC-17) any season, no spoilers. "We'll just try it once, and if you don’t like it we never have to do it again."
Nw Nxnt (SG-1, gen, G) any season, no spoilers. 3 amusements Teal'c learned first from the Tau'ri, or 3 that he taught
Raspberry Swirl (SG-1, Daniel/Vala UST, G) missing scene from 9.03. In the garden I did no crime.
Both Hands (SG-1, Daniel/Sha're, G) pre-series, no spoilers. I am drawing the story of how hard we tried.
Perfect (Firefly, gen, G) pre-series, no spoilers. Be a good girl. You've gotta try a little harder.
This Girl is Taking Bets (Doctor Who, gen-ish, G) Tenth Doctor, spoilers through nu!Who s2. She’s the ashes of the people that you really meant to be.
Frozen (HP, Remus/Sirius, G) First War period, no specific spoilers. They have fresh herbs and cucumbers and tomatoes all year long, even when the bathroom windowsill is covered in snow.
Literary (HP, Remus/Sirius preslash, G) MWPP period, no spoilers. "No, but I can see how that play would appeal to your overdeveloped sense of drama."

November: 4
Here Comes the Sun (HP, Remus/Sirius, G) MWPP period, no spoilers. There is something about Scotland in winter that appeals to Remus' wilder side.
Alone (HP, Remus/Sirius, PG) pre-books, general spoilers. The winters are hardest, after the others are gone and he is alone.
Beginning (HP, Remus/Sirius, PG) MWPP period, general spoilers. "Why did you do it, Pads? What were you thinking?"
Man, I Feel Like a Woman (Firefly, gen, G) timing non-specific. We don't want romance, we only wanna dance.

December: 7
She's a Lady (HP, James/Lily, G) MWPP period, no spoilers. She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner.
I'm Just a Girl (SG-1, Jack/Sam UST implied, PG) missing scene from 1.04. I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite, so don't let me have any rights.
This One's Mine (Eureka, Allison/Stark UST, Allison/Carter implied, G) s1, no spoilers. But I was givin' some guy just a little kiss, and that's when you wanted me back.
The Lady in Red (HP, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, PG) future-time, DH-compliant, no spoilers. I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight.
Hard to Concentrate (Babylon 5, Delenn/Sheridan UST, G) missing scene from 3.08. Will you agree to take this man into your world? And now, we are as one.
Shoshana Finklestein and the Hanukkah Miracle (original, femmeslash, G) The second thing you need to know is that Shosh is in love with her next-door neighbor.
Stranded (SG-1, Jack/Daniel, PG) any season, no spoilers. "Sorry, sir, still not good news," Sam said, voice crackling slightly from the transmission. "The Tok'ra won't be able to send a ship for a few weeks."

Who do you have to thank?

muck_a_luck and princessofg for beta-reading, hand-holding, and ego-stroking. indywind and everyone else who helped with my stargate_summer. Everyone who prompted me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Everyone who read my fic.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
No predictions. I think I probably wrote more words than usual, but the vast majority of it was part of stargate_summer.

Favorite story:
Side Effects May Include continues to make me laugh. A lot.

My best story this year:
Think I'm going to go with Predilection, since I was really able to accomplish what I'd set out to do.

My worst story this year:
I wish I'd had the time to flesh out Stranded.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
I don't think anyone read most of the female character drabbles, so that makes me very sad.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write:
Damage Control. And Raspberry Swirl. I wrote Mal/Jayne and Daniel/Vala. In the same year. Augh!

Story that surprised you:
Predilection again. I'd had the idea for a while, but it finally clicked and I was able to write it.

Story that was most assuredly inspired by insanity:
Shoshana Finklestein and the Hanukkah Miracle. The title says it all.

Hottest story:
Voice Activated, followed by Predilection.

Most fun story to write:
Breaking News. Fake newspaper articles are fun. And the research for Nw Nxnt was a blast.

Least fun story to write:
I had a complete crisis while writing Rituals.

Most difficult story to write:
Had a lot of trouble getting Shoshana Finklestein and the Hanukkah Miracle to work, but I think it worked out in the end.

Story you'd write differently now:
A couple of the "She" drabbles wound up being about the male characters, anyway, which was completely counter to my point.

Favorite character to write:
Stargate: SG-1: high!Daniel from Side Effects May Include was so much fun.

original: I definitely enjoyed writing Shosh.

Top 3 Favorite Opening Lines:
Enough (The Cambiata Answer Remix): It isn't until Daniel is on his deathbed that Jack realizes he loves him.
Nw Nxnt: At first, Teal'c believes that Monopoly would be a good way to learn the monetary systems used by the Tau'ri. He realizes very quickly that this is not the case, but he still finds SG-1's monthly game night to be enjoyable.
She’s a Lady: "She's late," James says, fidgeting. "Why is she late?"

"Maybe she changed her mind," Sirius says, and then grunts. Someone’s elbowed him in the gut.

Top 3 Favorite Closing Lines:
Too Much to Drink: "I'm going to hold you to that. Baby," he added with an evil grin.

Daniel's matched it.
Voice Activated: Daniel pressed his lips to Jack's temple. "Don't start without me next time."
Frozen: But after Remus leaves--when Sirius gets home to see half of the contents of the apartment gone, he finds that the window boxes have frozen, with only dead vines to show where something living had once thrived.

The Completely Self-Indulgent 15 Other Favorite Bits From This Year:
Damage Control: “If I catch you staring at my pì gu on a job one more gorram time,” Mal said while Jayne was gasping, “I will shoot you myself so you can’t get us all killed. Dǒng ma?”
Distraction: “Paperwork is no fun,” Jack said, and Daniel heard a pinging noise that probably involved rubber bands.

“That’s why they call it ‘work’.”
Side Effects May Include: “The pink ones make me dopey and the green ones make me sleepy and the white ones make me sick.” He wiggled his fingers in a way Jack couldn’t hope to translate. “And one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.”
Side Effects May Include: “Whatcha doing?”

“Kissing you,” Daniel said, as if it were obvious, which Jack guessed it kind of was. “Can’t reach your mouth, though. Too far away.”
Excrucior: His skin splits like butter under a hot knife, and when he bleeds it looks like the universe itself is bleeding, the starry darkness of a night sky split by dripping crimson lines.
Rituals: "It's summer, Daniel, it'll be baseball," Jack says, with that affectionately exasperated look.
Rituals: "So...are you going to do it again, or do I get to squash you into the couch this time?"

Jack's shoulders relax slightly. "You're not going to punch me?"

"I might if you decide to stop talking to me again," Daniel says.
Voice Activated: He'd play a game with himself, see how long he could stay on the phone before Daniel asked him why he was stuttering, or breathing funny, or Are you sure you're alright, Jack? You sound like you're coming down with a cold.
Predilection: Jack continued tightening the laces, realizing his hands were lingering, exploring the contrast of skin and brocade, firm muscle and firmer steel, the way it made Daniel's already narrow waist even more pronounced.
Predilection: "Lean forward," Jack said, now a little breathless himself. "Put your hands on the wall, let them take your weight." They tipped forward slightly, and they both moaned as the motion rubbed them together. "The next time we do this, I want to be inside you."
This Girl is Taking Bets: His Red Riding Hood, lost in time and space. His Bad Wolf. So innocent, but capable of such destruction.
Literary: "Oi, who're you calling 'perverse'?" Sirius asked, starting up their wrestling match again.
Shoshana Finklestein and the Hanukkah Miracle: A houseplant would be just as effective in Shosh's role in these visits, but she's not going to complain.
Shoshana Finklestein and the Hanukkah Miracle: "Oh no, you're trying to convert me." But she's laughing, face a little flushed from the wine, so Shosh isn't concerned. Mary's a bit of a lightweight.

"You've revealed my evil plot," Shosh deadpans, and Mary laughs even harder, putting down her wineglass.
Shoshana Finklestein and the Hanukkah Miracle: "Though, usually I like going out for dinner before I spend the night with a girl."

And for kicks, last year's.



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