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a real-life post

...while I wait for cookies and laundry to be done. Oh, I'm so domestic.

First, had what we thought was an allergic reaction to one of the drugs I was on. Rash on the hands that turned out to be hives. Lots of Benadryl involved. Turned out it wasn't a reaction to the drug (see below, it gets worse, but it was still unpleasant.

Spent about two weeks (overlapping this) in the grips of a rather vicious mood dip, which meant I missed gobs of class. We're still not sure what caused it (the joys of mental illness), but we've rearranged my meds a bunch (added one thing, removed another, fiddled the timing a bit), and it seems to be working. I've had two less-than-great days on it so far (in 10 or so), and one I was still able to function perfectly fine and then other I was able to reach out and get help from Mom, so that's a big improvement.

Back to the allergy thing, I'm seeing an allergist now, because apparently I'm atopic, which means my body hates me. It explains all the cyclical allergies I have, the asthma, and a lot of things that my body does that I didn't realize weren't normal (coughing when I go outside into cold weather, random hives on my skin, etc.). I'm now taking two allergy meds, one for skin and one for ear/nose/throat, and have an emergency inhaler, and I get to do lots of fun (not) tests in a month or so to make sure it's all actually doing anything.

After all that up there, I decided that it just wasn't feasible for me to continue the semester. Yes, I could probably make up three weeks of missed work, but since I can't rely on staying better, it's just too complicated. The goal is for me to take summer classes and work my way back up again, but I'm really not pleased, as I'm sure you can imagine. This also pushes back the four-year college plans, probably another year, but if I think about that too much I just get angry.

And the damn community college is giving me the run-around about withdrawing, so that's not helping matters any. They're being horribly nosy about the medical withdrawal (it's really none of their business what I'm sick with as long as I have a real doctor say I'm in treatment), and every person I talk to gives me different information. Mom and I managed to haul my carcass over to the campus yesterday, only to find out that a) I could have dropped my classes weeks ago since it's a step that's done before the formal withdrawal and b) there was additional info they needed in the doctor note that no one had told me. Cue rage.

So, as it currently stands, I still have to formally withdraw, but that has to wait until week after next, since I'm leaving for NYC tomorrow and will be there for a week. I'd hoped that this trip would be over spring break, but now I'm on extended vacation again. :( I'll be seeing a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a while, and some theatre and a number of museums. Hopefully I'll be feeling sufficiently better that I can start job hunting when I get back.

And then we do a drug challenge of the birth control. It sounds rather like a game show, I know.

But, the cookies are now done, and I have it on good authority that they came out AWESOME. At least I can still do some things right. :D


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Mar. 14th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Bah *waves hand*

(did that fix it? it works for Dogbert....)

I'm really sorry you're going through all this shit. I hope NYC is indeed therapeutic :)
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