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a favor

So, I need to hit someone up for speedy beta services for my help_chile fic, but it's complicated.

First, it's Reboot Jim Kirk/Spock, rather than Jack/Daniel, and I don't know how many of you all are Trekkies. Admittedly, you wouldn't actually need to know the canon to help. As long as you know who these folks are in the broadest sense you'd be fine, since it's story pacing issues not characterization that I'm having trouble with.

Second would be the plot. It's got mpreg. Yes, I'm writing mpreg. But not "let us give birth to ass babies"-style. [You're welcome for that mental image, by the way.] I'm fixing the usual issues by having Spock have strange biology, so I guess alien-preg would be more appropriate. And it's unlikely the baby's actually going to be born on-screen--the story might even end before Spock gives birth at all--so hopefully that should remove the majority of the squickiness.

If you're familiar with the Next Gen episode with Data's daughter Lal, you'll know the beginning of this plot. The request was for Starfleet to reassign Spock to be a research subject after discovery of thing under the cut, and then is kidnapped to a lab when he tries to resign, and of course Jim comes after him. I'm just having pacing issues between "We're reassigning you" "No!" and the rescue.

(I can even trim the draft so you don't have to read the purposefully-badsex at the beginning if you want.)

Any takers? I'm begging here. I'll even write you a drabble in your fandom, pairing, and prompt of choice when I'm done.


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