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Happy Birthday to Me?

So, yeah, today's my birthday, so of course my mood has been pretty low. I mean, started my day with the birthday card from my folks making me cry, so that's nice.

I'm giving myself two birthday presents this year. I'm going to get my hair cut in the next two weeks. And I'm starting a new mission101. List under the cut

Things in process in bold, finished struck out with completion date in bold.

001. Finish making this list and post to mission101.
002. Donate $5 to charity for every item not completed by 14 January 2013.

003. Read 10 banned books and review.
004. Read 15 "classics" and review.
005. Read list of classic fantasy and scifi novels and review. To Be Posted
006. Read at least one book a week for at least two months and review.
007. Read one poem a day for one month and post here with comments.
008. Read Don Quixote in the original Spanish.
009. Finish all 18 books of Fushigi Yuugi.

Movies and Television
010. Watch 15 lesbian movies and review.
011. Watch 10 "classics" and review.
012. Rewatch of Stargate SG-1 with meta.
013. Watch all episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
014. Watch all episodes of Angel.
015. Watch all episodes of Burn Notice. completed 28 May 2010
016. Watch all episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Health and Hygiene
017. Find new internist.
018. Find new GYN.
019. Shower every other day for at least three months to clear up scalp.
020. Wash face and apply Clearasil, etc. twice a day for at least one month.
021. Brush teeth and use floss and mouthwash twice a day for at least two weeks.
022. Invest in and use a teeth whitening thing.
023. Dye hair an interesting color (temporary).
024. Decide on new hair cut and keep it for at least three months.
025. Use exercise bike three days a week for at least two months.
026. Do 25 crunches every day for at least two months.
027. Eat four smaller meals a day for at least a month.
028. Relearn how to wear contact lenses.

029. Organize and replace all missing music.
030. Listen to and review 5 new artists.
031. Learn to play guitar.
032. Add 5 songs to vocal repertoire.
033. Make 5 mix CDs outside of Frankenmix.
034. Reorganize house CD collection by genre and alphabetize.
035. Complete all Frankenmix challenges posted during 1001 days.

036. Read all of Shakespeare's plays.
037. See 5 plays on Broadway.
038. See 10 plays not on Broadway.
039. See 3 operas.
040. Read 10 modern plays outside of a class.
041. Be involved in the production of 5 plays.
042. Work in summer theatre.

043. Create Extended Works in Progress List. completed 24 Apr 2010
044. Update Big Damn Tables. completed 27 Apr 2010

Finish "A Death in the Family" with velvetcherri.
Write five Firefly/Serenity fic.

Organise and archive all original fic in writers_island.
Finish tidbits in leather journal.
Complete NaNoWriMo.
Complete "The Lighthouse's Tale" as a short story.
Write at least two Danse Macabre stories.
Edit and rework first half of Osprey.
Edit and rework second half of Osprey.
Complete manuscript of Osprey.

Complete the "Dragon and Wizard" cross-stitch.
Create list of cross-stitch to be completed.

Charity Work
Create and market 10 gay pride shirts to benefit the HRC.
Create and market 10 theatrical shirts (to benefit somewhere).
Create and market 5 music shirts (to benefit somewhere).
Sponsor at 5 entrepreneurs through Kiva.
Help with rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

Make candied walnuts.
Create list of recipes to try.

Just for Fun
Wear corsets every day for a week.
Wear skirts every day for a week.
Keep legs smooth for three weeks.
Send 5 cards to PostSecret.
Relearn how to write with left hand.
Do three Days in the Life in Photos.
Record one book for bedtimeforlj.


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Apr. 20th, 2010 01:06 pm (UTC)
CHRIST. I remembered all weekend it was your birthday and then had drama last night that pushed all thoughts of everything in my life out the window. I'm sorry and also Happy Birthday!
Apr. 20th, 2010 02:23 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday! The day is still young, plenty of time for it to turn around :D
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