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disco_nun and I were going to hang out, since her boyfriend was out of town. We tried to get some other folk to come along, but it would up just being the two of us, though that was cool, anyway. She got us tickets for the event at a bar/club called Lux, but when we were poking around their website later, we realized it was likely we would be the only white people there. So we took the info for a place that was having a free, no-tickets event, and got on the subway with the plan to decide which one to go to on the train.

Chickened out of going to the first bar, went to the second bar instead. Unfortunately, it was stupid crowded, and no one was dancing, so at about 10, we decided to toss that and go somewhere more familiar, so we left, with the plan of going to an Irish pub closer to home. It took like 20 minutes for me to pay my tab, because I could not get to the bar, and then I had to get away from the bar, which was even harder.

By this point, my feet were killing me because I picked the wrong pair of shoes to wear if I was going to do lots of walking, so I took off my shoes, and I wandered back to the subway barefoot. But there's a Krispy Kreme above the nearest subway station to the second bar, and disconun's from New England, where Krispy Kreme is a delicacy. So we stopped in for a doughnut, then got on the subway.

We got to the pub at like 11:30, ordered beer and fish&chips, did the champagne toast at midnight, and left around 12:45 because we were both falling asleep. Then we got back on the subway, picked up the car, and she drove me home.

Epic, and fun despite the disappointment of the second bar. I'm a failure at being a 20-something. :D



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