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Year in Review Memes, 3 of 3

Last one, minus a post of resolutions tomorrow.

How many fics did you post?


How many words did you post?

Fandom Breakdown:
Stargate: SG-1 - 10 fic, 50323 words
Star Trek XI - 19 fic, 24965 words
Stargate: Atlantis - 1 fic, 1132 words
crossover: Stargate: SG-1/Star Trek Enterprise - 1 fic, 560 words
original - 2 fic, 2636 words

Story Breakdown:
Gen: 3
Het: 2
Slash: 29
Femmeslash: 2

Rating Breakdown:
G: 11
PG: 9
PG-13: 2
R: 2
NC-17: 9

Challenges, Recs, and Awards:
continuing, slash_100 (67/100)
continuing, au100 (13/50)
continuing, wtf27 (4/20)
in January, participated in [personal profile] jdjunkie's hot/cold 'thon
in January, participated in Porn Battle IX
in January, submitted to imaginarybeasts Book #19
in February, participated in help_haiti
in February, participated in [personal profile] synecdochic's 101 Time JD Neilson Hitched a Ride
in February, participated in ksvalentine
in March, participated in [personal profile] tejas's Springathon
in March, participated in help_chile
in April, participated in cagedbirdsings's K/S Fic Exchange
in May, participated in RemixRedux 8: Magic Eight Ball
in June, participated in lgbtfest
in July, participated in stargate_summer
in July, participated in dante_s_hell's Kissing, Cuddling, Nuzzling, Wrap-You-Up-in-My-Clothes Comment Meme
in July, participated in Porn Battle X
in October, participated in jd_ficathon
in November, participated in help_chile
in November, submitted to imaginarybeasts Book #24
in December, participated in ksadvent

recced by sg1_debrief
recced by trek_news
recced by jack_daniel_tag

In His Kiss and (Don't) Look at the Princess recced by lilyleia78
The Gift recced by gwenaterra

If you've recced a fic of mine and I missed it, please let me know. I'd like to thank anyone who takes the time to rec my fic.

Stories By Month:
Warm Up Nicely | PG-13 | 279 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) prompt: hot/cold
Sweet | NC-17 | 665 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) prompt: sinuous
Love in a Time of Zombies | PG // 1 | 1618 words | complete
(original, gennish) "Survival of the human race, baby."

February: 3
Someone to Watch Over Me | PG | 1809 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) It was a remnant of a memory coming back, he knew that, but that didn't make it any less overwhelming.
Stranger Things | G | 560 words | complete
(SG-1/Enterprise, Trip, JD) Trip knows it's an affectation, having a car.
Paper Hearts | PG | 2456 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Kirk is being 'pursued' by a mystery crew member over Valentine's (cards, flowers, chocolates, notes, etc), and hides in Spock's cabin. Only much later, does Kirk find out it was Spock all along...

March: 8
Late to the Party | NC-17 | 260 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) prompt: offworld fertility festival
Parallels | PG | 364 words | complete
(STXI, Pike/Number One, Jim/Spock) Chris Pike knows not to mess with a good thing.
Ink | PG | 2125 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) Jim participates in a different kind of alien ritual.
Probability | R | 217 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) Jim Kirk is distracting.
Cheering Up | G | 100 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Spock's having a crappy day because his management style isn't working too well for some of the humans; Kirk cheers him up
Spock's Sweater | G | 100 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Spock's Grey Lumpen ManSweater of Dubious Fit
Logical | G | 120 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: "It had never been logical."
Parturiency | NC-17 | 5808 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) Spock's pregnant with Jim's child, and the trouble was only just beginning.

April: 5
Bookworm | G | 100 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Kirk surprises everyone with his smarts and/or wears reading glasses
Clueless | PG-13 | 130 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: lemon drops and/or Vulcan handporn with oblivious!Kirk
Exorcism | G | 100 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: lightning storms
Second Chance | R | 3346 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Bones, Jim/Spock) Jim Kirk gets a second chance at the life he wants.
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding? | NC-17 | 270 words | complete
(SG-1, Sam/Elizabeth) prompt: Elizabeth Weir/Sam Carter, understanding

May: 3
Seven Days | PG | 2187 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock pre-slash) Jim was just hoping they could go the week without killing each other.
Surprise | G | 100 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) prompt: Jack/Daniel, you're not who I think you are
Of All the Gin Joints in All the World (Rubato Encore Remix) | NC-17 | 1132 words | complete
(Atlantis, John/Rodney) The last thing John expects to see is Rodney--the one night stand he couldn't forget.

June: 1
Conversations | PG | 2377 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Sam/Janet) "Jack, it’s got to be me and Sam. There aren’t any other options."

July: 4
Kriegsspiel | NC-17 | 42135 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Cam/Carolyn) After Atlantis landed, the world was thrown into chaos. Newly-elected American President Michael Taylor shut down the Stargate Program in the hope of appeasing the international community. But something is wrong, and soon the remaining members of the SGC are forced to flee through the 'gate before more of their numbers disappear. Cut off from allies and resources, the survivors turn to galactic piracy to survive--and to arm themselves for a return to Earth, unsure what they will find. Who was really behind the dismantling of the SGC? Is there something more sinister on the horizon? Can SG-1 get to the bottom of the conspiracy and save the world one more time?
Unspeakable | G | 237 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Vulcans have an opposite cycle to Pon Farr, so horrifying to them that they don't even have a name for it. If Pon Farr makes them rampaging blind-urge-to-mate-machines, this other cycle makes them total cuddle-kittens, they get all soft and sweet and snuggly inside and if there's anyone they particularly like, they get the urge to be near them and to cuddle and snuggle and lavish them with warm fuzzies.
Sharing | G | 229 | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: all I want to see is fluffiness where one of them takes a jacket or something of theirs and wraps it around the other person. I don't know, it's just really intimate to me.
Leave Them On | NC-17 | 394 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: glasses

August: 0

September: 0

October: 1
(Don't) Look at the Princess | PG | 1285 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) It began with an alien princess.

November: 3
After the Party | NC-17 | 1325 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: AU. Kirk meets Spock at a Halloween party.
A Little TLC | NC-17 | 4565 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) This is Jim's least favorite part of being captain.
Medical Marvel | PG // X | 1018 words | complete
(original, gen) a story about transformation

December: 2
The Gift | G | 1062 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Kirk actually makes a special gift for Spock. Because it's personal, according to Vulcan tradition, he sees it as a declaration...and accepts.
A Still and Silent Sea | G | 1243 words | 1/3?
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel pre-slash) It is the still and silent sea that drowns a man. - Norse proverb

Who do you have to thank?

Um, everyone? muck_a_luck, theemdash, and princessofg for alpha and beta services, and listening to me spaz. ninjaboots and putigress2012 for beta services in Trek fandom. theemdash again, for being the best co-mod ever.

Plus all the people who helped make my stargate_summer possible: indywind, llian, theemdash, secondalto, mckays_lab, allandaros, zats_clear, princessofg, muck_a_luck, and my flist, who listened to the spaz goodnaturedly

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
More, actually, since I didn't expect to write other fic while I was working on my stargate_summer. Also, I wrote a shit-ton more Trek fic than I'd expected.

Favorite story:
Kriegsspiel, despite its faults, is still my baby.

My best story this year:
The Gift was certainly the most popular.

My worst story this year:
I could have done more with the prompt for Surprise

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Kriegsspiel, hands down. I worked so hard on that damned thing, and like no one read it.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write:
Parturiency. It has mpreg!

Story that surprised you:
Ink: sat down to write one thing, wrote something completely different.

Story that was most assuredly inspired by insanity:
Kriegsspiel again. :D

Hottest story:
I wrote a lot less porn this year, and I don't think any of it was particularly hot.

Most fun story to write:
Kriegsspiel, though looking up the quotes for Paper Hearts was fun, too.

Least fun story to write:
Kriegsspiel. By the end, I wanted to SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER.

Most difficult story to write:
Kriegsspiel, no questions asked.

Story you'd write differently now:
Part of me wants to go back and rework the end of Kriegsspiel, but that way lies insanity.

Favorite character to write:
Stargate: SG-1: Vala was a challenge, but fun.

Star Trek XI: Spock! Difficult to get right, but so worth it.

original: The banter in Love in a Time of Zombies makes me happy.

Top 3 Favorite Opening Lines:
Parallels: She was the best thing that ever happened to him, better than getting out slum he'd grown up in and into Starfleet.
Parturiency: Captain’s Personal Log, Stardate 2262.32: There may be an observable change in the command team dynamic tomorrow. At the very least we’ll be able to turn down the lights on the bridge, since I’ll be beaming, and I don’t mean letting Scotty experiment with the transporter again.
Seven Days“We have to what?” Jim said, staring at his First Officer.

Top 3 Favorite Closing Lines:
Sweet: "Good stuff," Jack croaks. "Think they'll let us bring some home?"
Someone to Watch Over Me"I liked having you as my guardian angel, but I missed having you here."
Late to the Party: "It's the third day of a fertility festival, right? We're going to fit right in."

The Completely Self-Indulgent 10 Other Favorite Bits From This Year:
I'm skipping Kriegsspiel for this, since I don't feel like a full reread right now.
Love in a Time of Zombies: "Why're we doing this, again?" / "Survival of the human race, baby," Hank teased.
Paper Hearts: “I inquired of a number of crew members as to the proper rituals for this holiday,” Spock said. He definitely seemed nervous now. “I found some of the information to be contradictory. And I do not understand how a small, plush sehlat is related to a human holiday. Humans are a strange, overly emotional species, and I...”
Ink: The Vulcan symbols flow from Jim’s brush like water. Romulans wear this kind of mourning ink on their faces, their grief on display for all the world to see, but Vulcans are different in this way, too. The chemical composition of the ink is almost identical, and the words are similar, but Vulcans hide even the visible signs of their mourning under layers of clothes.
Logical: It began in the heat of battle, violence and death around and between them. It continued as uneasy truce, shared awe of the universe smoothing the harshness into strength.
Parturiency: “Unless you are referring to the ‘little death’, an ancient Terran euphemism for orgasm.”
Parturiency: “You’re just full of information I don’t want to know.”
Parturiency: “Don’t be surprised, Jimmy,” he said, his drawl thicker than ever. “You ain’t the only one with weapons training.”
Second Chance: “I believed it would be beneficial for the Captain to enjoy some leisure time on the planet’s surface,” Spock says, and Jim feels a momentary hot pressure against the small of his back. Spock’s hand? “I do not believe that this meeting is conducive to that.”
Leave Them On: "You love me for my brain," Jim teased, and Spock rewarded him with another breath-stealing kiss.
The Gift: “Um, yeah,” Jim says, face turning an even darker shade of pink. “Gaila taught me to knit my first year at the Academy. I know it doesn’t fit my macho Captain persona, but I thought...” he trails off, obviously embarrassed. “Spock, say something. Please.”

And for kicks, last year's.



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