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Fic Dump

I've been remiss in updating this journal with the fic I've been writing, so here's a pile o' crap. Enjoy!

for ksvalentine:
Out of Character | PG | 1033 words | complete
Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; A romantic Spock confuses Kirk on Valentine's Day.

and a sequel, of sorts:
Valentine's Day, 2236 | G | 383 words | complete
Star Trek Reboot; Sarek/Amanda, implied Kirk/Spock; Spock had to learn his romantic inclinations somewhere.

And these were written for oxoniensis's Porn Battle XI
Experiment | NC-17 | 646 words | complete
Stargate SG-1; Jack/Daniel; prompt: voyeurism, restrained, teasing

Not on the Agenda | NC-17 | 1137 words | complete
Stargate SG-1; Daniel/Vala; prompt: impulse, academic conference, would you stop that!

Scientific Analysis | NC-17 | 788 words | complete
Star Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; prompt: no touch, contact, feel

Talented Tongue | NC-17 | 347 words | complete
Star Trek Reboot; Uhura/Gaila; prompt: again

Silent | NC-17 | 614 words | complete
Star Trek Enterprise; Trip/T'Pol; prompt: touch, longing

Two For the Price of One | NC-17 | 209 words | complete
White Collar; Elizabeth/Peter/Neal; prompt: some days it's like she has two husbands and other days they don't even notice she's there

Yes, I know, I wrote het (twice!), Daniel with someone other than Jack, and a threesome. The world is coming to an end, I know.

(If you have any idea where I should repost these so that people read them, do let me know.)


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