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Year in Review Memes, 3 of 3

Last one, minus a post of resolutions tomorrow.

How many fics did you post?


How many words did you post?
29614 words

Fandom Breakdown:
Stargate: SG-1 - 4 fic, 7763 words
Star Trek XI - 10 fic, 14753 words
Stargate: Atlantis - 1 fic, 1085 words
Star Trek Enterprise - 1 fic, 614 words
White Collar - 1 fic, 209 words
Harry Potter - 1 fic, 495 words
Good Omens - 1 fic, 1247 words
Labyrinth - 1 fic, 408 words
Slings and Arrows - 1 fic, 134 words
Tom Stoppard's Arcadia - 1 fic, 579 words
Babylon 5 - 1 fic, 782 words
original - 1 fic, 1545 words

Story Breakdown:
Het: 7 (how the hell did this happen?!)
Slash: 15
Femmeslash: 3
Multi: 2

Rating Breakdown:
G: 2
PG: 5
PG-13: 2
NC-17: 15

Challenges, Recs, and Awards:
continuing, slash_100 (70/100)
continuing, au100 (13/50)
continuing, wtf27 (4/20)
in January and February, participated in oxoniensis's Porn Battle XI
in February, participated in ksvalentine
in April, participated in Remix Redux 9: Love Potion No. 9
in August, participated in oxoniensis's Porn Battle XII
in September, participated in help_nz
in September, participated in help_japan
in September, participated in imaginarybeasts Book #29: Autumn
in October, participated in jd_ficathon
in December, participated in ksadvent
in December, participated in happy_trekmas

recced by sg1_debrief
recced by trek_news

If you've recced a fic of mine and I missed it, please let me know. I'd like to thank anyone who takes the time to rec my fic.

Stories By Month:
Experiment | NC-17 | 646 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) prompt: voyeurism, restrained, teasing
Not on the Agenda | NC-17 | 1137 words | complete
(SG-1, Daniel/Vala) prompt: impulse, academic conference, would you stop that!

February: 6
Out of Character | PG | 1033 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Sarek made a big soppy deal out of Valentine's Day every year for Amanda; Spock follows family tradition
Scientific Analysis | NC-17 | 788 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: no touch, contact, feel
Valentine's Day, 2236 | G | 383 words | complete
(STXI, Sarek/Amanda, Jim/Spock) a prequel to "Out of Character"
Talented Tongue | NC-17 | 347 words | complete
(STXI, Gaila/Uhura) prompt: again
Silent | NC-17 | 614 words | complete
(Enterprise, Trip/T'Pol) prompt: touch, longing
Two For the Price of One | NC-17 | 209 words | complete
(White Collar, Elizabeth/Peter/Neal) prompt: some days it's like she has two husbands and other days they don't even notice she's there

March: 0

April: 1
Starving (the Tonic Recitative) | PG | 1085 words | complete
(Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay) Everyone knows Rodney McKay has a thing about food. Only John Sheppard knows why.

May: 0

June: 0

July: 0

August: 8
In the Garden | NC-17 | 926 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) prompt: bound by words, garden, denial
With Me | NC-17 | 495 words | complete
(Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius) prompt: afterlife
Ineffable | NC-17 | 1247 words | complete
(Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley) prompt: the first day of the rest of their lives
Dream a Little Dream of Me | NC-17 | 408 words | complete
(Labyrinth, Jareth/Sarah) prompt: repulsive, dream
Three's a Crowd | NC-17 | 134 words | complete
(Slings and Arrows, Geoffrey/Ellen/Oliver) prompt: ghost
I Could Have Danced All Night | NC-17 | 579 words | complete
(Arcadia, Septimus/Thomasina) prompt: dancing
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine | NC-17 | 782 words | complete
(Babylon 5, Susan/Talia) prompt: silk, wine
Love to Hate You | NC-17 | 788 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: weak spot

September: 3
What You See in Him | PG | 1369 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Bones, Spock/Uhura) Most people wondered what was so special about Len to make the famous Kirk settle down. Nyota wondered why Len bothered with a lowlife like Kirk.
Dionaea Muscipula - Prologue | PG | 791 words | 1 of 4
(STXI, Bones/Other, Jim/Bones, Jim/Spock) The past is prologue.
The Difficulties of Buying Eye of Newt in Bulk and Other Challenges Faced by the Modern Witch | G // 6 | 1545 words | complete
(original, F/F) Kelly is a witch. Not a Wiccan, not some wannabe goth kiddie, a real witch.

October: 2
Another Chance | NC-17 | 5054 words | complete
(SG-1, Jack/Daniel) Well, no one was shooting at them this time, but this could certainly be filed under "wrong".
Not Your Average Pon Farr Story | PG | 4531 words | complete in 4 parts
(STXI, Jim/Spock, Prime!Jim/Prime!Spock) He is burning.

November: 0

December: 2
Secret Ingredient | PG-13 | 2388 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) prompt: Jim decides to introduce Spock to an old family tradition at Christmas, homemade eggnog. Figuring he'll be fine drinking it given his Vulcan resistance to alcohol, Spock agrees. Little does he know that the old Kirk family recipe includes a bit of cocoa powder in the seasoning.
Vox | PG | 2315 words | complete
(STXI, Jim/Spock) Spock rescues the captain--as usual--but there are some lasting effects from Jim's imprisonment.

Who do you have to thank?

Um, everyone? theemdash and muck_a_luck for alpha and beta services, and listening to me spaz. theemdash again, for being the best co-mod ever.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
Less, but only because the bulk of what I wrote last year, word count-wise, has yet to see that light of day.

Favorite story:
Out of Character. Writing a believable but demonstrative Spock was so much fun!

My best story this year:
Three's a Crowd took advantage of the benefit of drabbles: one can use words sparingly and still get one's point across.

My worst story this year:
Probably Vox, because I wish I could have gotten more mission!fic into it.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Not Your Average Ponn Farr Story. I suspect it was because I posted it in segments, but it got a lot less feedback than I had hoped.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write:
Another Chance. What is it with the damned mpreg>?!

Story that surprised you:
Valentine's Day, 2236. I don't usually write sequels to my fic unless I plan that from the beginning, but I like this one.

Story that was most assuredly inspired by insanity:
Another Chance, but wasn't my insanity, so I don't really mind.

Hottest story:
All I wrote this year was porn! You pick, I can't look at it anymore.

Most fun story to write:
What You See in Him was fun, because I got to write someone who didn't like Jim Kirk.

Least fun story to write:
I had a lot of trouble coming up with the plot for what eventually became Vox, but once I decided, it went alright.

Most difficult story to write:
Another Chance, definitely. I kept rebelling against the prompt.

Story you'd write differently now:
Starving (the Tonic Recitative) is clunky in the places where it transitions from memory to the present. I would have liked it to be smoother.

Favorite character to write:
Spock is always my favorite. Making him sound in character is so easy, and fun!

Top 3 Favorite Opening Lines:
Valentine's Day, 2236: Spock is six years old (six years, three months, twelve days...) and he knows many things. He knows the periodic table and the first thousand primes and three languages. He knows Shozhaf’s Third Fugue on his ka'athyra and all of Mozart’s piano sonatas. He knows the other children do not like him and that his mother loves him, and he is...content.
What You See in Him: Nyota didn't get it. Len was smart and handsome and kind, with a killer smile and that lovely whiskey accent. Surely he could do better than Kirk. James T-for-Tomcat Kirk, who slept with a third of the student body before deciding to settle down with Len. Most people wondered what was so special about Len to make the famous Kirk settle down. Nyota wondered why Len bothered with a lowlife like Kirk.
Dionaea Muscipula - Prologue: She was the first girl he'd even looked at after Jocelyn. Not the first person, no, but he'd always looked at men and women differently. Men were for sex, women were for settling down. Old-fashioned of him, but what could he say? He was an old-fashioned kind of guy.

Top 3 Favorite Closing Lines:
Scientific Analysis: “For true scientific analysis, an experiment must be repeated to guarantee the validity of any results,” he says, his voice rumbling in Jim’s head where his cheek is pressed to Spock’s chest. Jim laughs. “I’m holding you to that.”
Valentine's Day, 2236: Spock frowns ever so slightly. “My father can be described many ways, Jim, but ‘cute’ is not one of them.”
I Could Have Danced All Night: "Go to sleep, Thomasina," he says, standing up and helping her down. "Remember to put out your candle."

The Completely Self-Indulgent 10 Other Favorite Bits From This Year:
Not on the Agenda: "They don't have contraceptives on your planet?" Daniel asked, tossing it down onto the bed. "Not that come in shiny blue packages," Vala shot back, grabbing his belt again.
Out of Character: For a moment, Jim thinks he’s fallen through a rift in space-time or something, and come out in a completely different universe. Spock is smiling.
Silent: Human anatomy is similar to Vulcan, and they come together as if their bodies were made just for this. An illogical thought, but an appealing one nonetheless.
Ineffable: Then meaning seemed to dawn on Aziraphale, because he said, "Oh, you just don't want to go back to your empty flat and ponder the sudden uselessness of your existence."
Ineffable: "You have very nice plants," Aziraphale called over the sound of the kettle, which does not so much whistle as sigh as if it is waiting for Crowley to pour the hot water, and it has better things to do after. "Very...healthy." "It's all in how you talk to them," Crowley said, measuring out milk and sugar and reentering the living room with two perfectly coordinated mugs in hand. "I have a method."
Three's a Crowd: (Ellen knows all theatres have ghosts, but this is ridiculous)
Dionaea Muscipula - Prologue: And then James Kirk, who Len was starting to liken to a force of nature, uncontrolled by planetary weather stabilizers, decided he finally wanted to settle down.
Another Chance: "Um, guys?" he said, and it was definitely Jack's voice. "Why did my knees suddenly stop hurting?"
Another Chance: "We are not yet sure," Zelenka said. "Eh, the device did not come with an instruction manual."
Secret Ingredient: “Jim, I have lived primarily among humans for 12.4 years,” Spock said, eyebrow quirked, but it was not an admonition. “I am fully aware of how Christmas is celebrated.” “Perfect,” Jim said. “Then I won’t have to explain everything.”

And for kicks, last year's.


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