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a stargate_summer-related request

Am trying to finish my second stargate_summer Big Bang this year. You know, the one where SG-1 goes undercover as space pirates. And I'm looking for an alpha reader/cheerleader to help me with some plotting issues, and whatever problems may arise as I continue working on the rough draft.

Note: cheerleader would not be required to do any actual editing; I'm going to have someone else to do that. All I'm looking for is someone familiar with SG-1 canon who is willing to hold my hand through the writing process. I've got the broadest strokes of an outline, but some of the details are eluding me, and I'm sure I'll run into additional problems as I go.

This fic is set somewhere between Sha're's death season 3 and Daniel's Ascension in season 5; references are made to the mytharc (Goa'uld, Tok'ra, the four races, etc.), but not much to specific episodes. The fic itself is an AU from canon: SG-1 goes on a mission for the Tok'ra and is trapped in another solar system for an extended period of time (mission lasts six months, if I remember correctly, trapped time has yet to be determined).

The A-plot is of the mystery/adventure variety: SG-1 must learn to survive on a spacefaring pirate ship, while trying to find a way home, as they are in a solar system without a 'gate or access to faster-than-light travel. The space pirates have an unique culture and religion, which is mostly developed in my head, and will wind up being integral to SG-1's discovery of the possible existence of a 'gate, and their search for it.

The B-plot is a Jack/Daniel pre-slash/first time romantic plot. Misunderstandings lead to angst lead to reveal of feelings, that kind of dealie. I have a better grasp of the details of this plot than the A-plot, but I might need help with pacing the two plots against each other.

There will be: knife fights, Furling puzzles, space battles, religion, commerce, unresolved sexual tension, and plenty of drinking (what is there to do when you're stuck in space but drink and play dice games?). I'm hoping it will be fun for someone other than just me. :D

Interested? Comment here with your e-mail address (comments are screened) or drop me an e-mail at melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com, and we'll chat!

Edit: Found!


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