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Boredom = Quizzes


You have Blue Wings!  You are artistic and highly creative.
Others are amazed by your imaginative ideas, and the way you
speak so smoothly. You are very social, but you like talking
face-to-face, instead of the phone. You love dancing, writing,
acting, drawing, singing, anything that requires artistic style.
You have many friends, and are popular because of your
unique style. Though your jokes crack up everyone around
you, you often daydream about many different things, lost in
your own world. Even though, you are optimistic, and remain
friendly and loved by others in reality, you always like to visit
your fantasy world for some peace from the hectic world.

What Color are your wings?(Mainly for Girls)Beautiful Pix!
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You Will Be an Unconventional Bride!

You're probably the type of girl who never considered getting married - until you met *him.*
You're not a big fan of white dresses, church weddings, or cheesy DJ's. That's okay - you'll do it your way... whether that means a Vegas wedding or guys as bridesmen. While you may not toss the bouquet (or have anyone to toss it to), it will still be the most romantic day of your life!

What Kind of Bride Will You Be? Take This Quiz

You Are a White Cotton Bra!

Practical, comfortable, and classic. You want your man to feel relaxed and himself with you. Your perfect guy is low maintenance and adaptable. And he makes you feel comfy and cozy too!

What Kind of Bra Are You? Take This Quiz


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