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Returned from the Beautiful Big Apple

Back from New York. Most beautiful place in the world. Saw Dracula, music by the same guy that did Jekyll & Hyde and Scarlet Pimpernel. Beautiful music, visually spectacular, pretty close to the book it's based on, extremely well-done, but the ending sucked (ha ha). Bram Stoker is rolling in his grave (another ha ha; yay, puns). My biggest quibble (other than the terrible ending) was that my seat, while really close up, was all the way to stage right, so I could see EVERYTHING going on on the stage left wing. Kinda killed my ability to get into the show, but c'est la vie.

The audition did not go nearly as well as it could have. I could have done much better.
a) there was nowhere to warm up. *dies*
b) "I Enjoy Being a Girl" went well, though he stopped me in the middle because of time.
c) "Love Changes Everything" was on pitch, but the sound was so thin. *cries* He stopped me after one verse, which was a blessing.
d) monologues went well, but I dropped a few lines.
e) interview part went well, I think.

It's out of my hands now. And the letters go out on the 15 of Dec.

Celebriel, I need you to write a poem for me. I'll talk to you about it tomorrow.


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