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Movies and Memes

Saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind with the 'rents last night, and didn't enjoy it, surprisingly enough. Mom now thinks I'm a philistine, I think, but whatever. I mean, I found certain bits, especially the music, to be pretty cool, but overall the plot had some holes and inconsistencies and at times it was hard to understand what was going on because multiple people were talking and they hadn't put the important people on louder mics or whatever. It's a fun period piece, though; they automatically assume that the aliens are nice, and the computers are HUGE.

I love how I was online yesterday and it started to rain. So I turned off the computer, since there was lightning, and decided to sit down and write. I get my journal and pull out my pen and everything, and I'm all ready to go, and then I open my pen and it explodes all over my hand. I run downstairs, pen in hand and show it to my father, which then turns into a lecture about pen maintenence, and I spend five minutes washing my hands with the special soap to get off the ink. So now my pen is empty, so I can't write, and I'll have to type everything before I can do any writing on the computer. And now my muse is pissed, too, because she's acting like I did this on purpose and is trying to bash my skull in from the inside.

In other news, a bit of fun:

You Know You're Addicted to Harry Potter When...

You Know You're Addicted to LotR When...

You Know You're Addicted to Star Trek When...

You Know You're Addicted to Star Wars When...


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Jun. 23rd, 2005 09:27 pm (UTC)
That makes me feel better.
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