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Tony Awards and Such

Tonys last night were amazing. I am so madly in love with Hugh Jackman, it's not even funny. Except to Shagun, but she finds every odd thing I do amusing beyond belief. Watching the Tonys over the phone with her rocked most hard (to quote my strange little brother), including squeeing over various things on cue. And and and Spamalot won for best musical *cheers*, which means we have to go up and see it before the original cast disperses. And I finally got to hear Hugh sing and see him dance *swoons*. Add to that the sheer homosexuality of the whole event (the Cagelle dancers, the number of non-straight couples who kissed when one of them got an award, etc) and you have one happy Ilana.

Eliza's party was great fun, as well. We so need to hang out more. But the brat was being a total pest, even for him. Which was odd, because he got to stay with his best friends last night. *shrug* Teenagers.

Also saw the first three episodes of season 1 of Stargate SG1. But the damn video store doesn't have any of the other seasons. If anyone can put their hands on the discs and loan them to me so I can watch them, I will love them forever.

Oh, and Celebriel? I'm being paranoid. Next time we hang out, remind me to talk to you about my hair.


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