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A Very Good Idea

Jane is my new favorite person. Every day for the last few, she's been challenging me to sit down and attempt to write as much as I can (with a minimum of 1000 words) in one hour. She does it, too, and while she always beats me, it's a great exercise; I get some serious writing done, mostly on the Key to Atlantis, who is weeks overdue, and the fact that I edit as I go means that it's not total drivel. This is very, very good. The story's already just under 4000 words (look! it's an EE!), and the fun stuff starts at about 4500, I'm guessing, so life is very good. *does a happy productive dance*

In other news, the laptop programming is going along swimmingly. I've already put on it all the "work" programs and transferred my 2.5 gb of music (though there's more that I've been meaning to put on that I'll now have the reason to do), and I've started transferring files, too. The 1 gig usb drive thing makes this all much easier, but now I kinda wish I didn't have most of my files on zip. Oh well. But now I have to figure out if it's at all possible to bring some games with me to college. All the good games belong to the father or the brother, and Dad would be anti-keen on me bringing games and the brat would not let me bring any discs with me, even though I'm going to be 20 minutes away. Hmm, I must see if the silly things will copy, but I highly doubt they will. Anyone have spare copies of Diablo II, Age of Empires II, or Age of Mythology?

Mm, should probably go eat now. But first, just in case you thought I no longer care about politics. . .

Note: this is a big picture, so my poor dial-up friends, beware.


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