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Found: One Melayne Seahawk, Please Claim

I return from the depths of non-posting where I have been lurking for the past week or so. I've been swamped with school and the bar mitzvah, so now I shall do a week-in-brief:

Classes: Generally good. The ANTH240 prof seems funny, though she's really quiet. I'm not fond of the 500-seat lecture hall, but I only have one of those, and the TA seems nice. The ruun between ARTH290 and THET112 seems to be working, which also makes me happy. I'm working in the scene shop for my out-of-class hours for THET114, so I'll be armed with powertools. I'm also going to be working in the costume shop, because they need the help, so I'll be getting extra credit. UNIV101, however, is a total waste of 2 hours and an insult to my intelligence. Too damn bad it's required with no way to waive it. *le sigh*

Roommate: A bit of a ditz, a bit of a drunk, and a bit of a slut. But she hasn't brought either alcohol or boys into the room, so I'm not complaining too bitterly.

The Bar Mitzvah: The brat did an amazing job with his portion. My rendition of Hallel was passable, though the rabbi ran me over in the exact same way that he had at my bat mitzvah. *growls* Though all my relatives kept saying how wonderfully I'd done it, so it was an ego boost... The party was rather dull, though it was nice to see my relatives again, though it wasn't all of them. I love them all, and hate seeing them grow old. Plus, al of my little cousins are taller than me now! *cries*

Just got back from the LGBT meeting; it's ironic that the meeting fell right after this past weekend, when I did some soul searching while cleaning bathrooms and waiting for things to happen. But that's another post. Two girls hit on me after the meeting, and they now both have my number. I'm still alone in the dorm but, *does a happy dance*, at least people find me attractive.

I should work now, but I probably won't.


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