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And the times, they aren't a-changin'. . .

So, just finished watching the Peter, Paul, & Mary special on PBS. And it's got me thinking, as so many things do.

First, the three of them have to be in their 60s or more, and they still look like they did when I saw them live at Wolftrap almost 10 years ago (except for Mary, who was ill and has not aged well). Plus, the show interviewed all of these other performers and then Dad got out all their albums (and I mean original vinyls) and they all look so old and yet so much the same. Except for John Sebastian (of the Lovin' Spoonful) who hasn't aged a day and still looks 40 even though he's got to be almost 60.

Second, their political, or I should say ethical, beliefs still haven't changed a bit. They're still extreme left-wing in the best way, still fighting for our rights and the rights of others in song like no other group I can think of. It makes me happy that not all older people are conservative and cranky.

And thirdly, it makes me think about my own political beliefs. Left-wingness runs in my family (both of my parents protested against Vietnam and for women's rights), but I'm so much more of a bleeding-heart liberal than either of them. It's all cyclical; I sang the same songs at the protest on the war in Iraq that Dad sang at Vietnam War protests, and so much of that was sung by Peter, Paul, & Mary at some point. It makes me think about how though so much has changed, so little really has.



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