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Scarves N Hats: Days 1-4

scarvesnhats is a challenge community for R/S slash where a prompt is posted each day, and then everyone writes R/S fic or makes R/S art inspired by the prompt.

Four at once, because I started a little late.

These basically read as one version of their story, though not in chronological order.

prompt for Day 1
Apples | Day 1 | PG-13 | 401 words

"Now, can anyone tell me the magical significance applied to apples by Muggles?" Professor Sprout asked as she walked down the aisle between the fruit-bearing trees. She was new, but a much more engaging teacher than the one they'd had the previous year.

"Other than the mythological significance, Muggles think that apples have divinatory properties," Remus said, after the prof had called on his raised hand. "Supposedly, if peeled in a single strand, the strand will reveal the initials of the peeler's true love." He pulled an apple from the tree in front of him and put it in his basket.

"Hogwash, naturally," Sirius added with a grin, pleased to note that Sprout wasn't even flustered by the interruption. He elbowed Remus in the side, making him blush, and slipped two apples into his pocket.

"Apples are key ingredients in some love potions, though," Peter pointed out, tossing another apple into his own basket.

"And they make good hard cider," James added, much to the amusement of the class.

"Five points to Gryffindor, each," Sprout said approvingly. "And fill those baskets by the end of class, the house elves want to start serving cider with dinner."

Later that evening, the Marauders had gathered in their dormitory. James and Peter were spread out on the floor playing a rather rowdy game of wizard chess – they had taught the pieces to curse the spring before – Remus was on his bed with a text book in his lap, and Sirius sat next to him, slowly peeling one of the apples he'd nicked from Herbology. "Let's see if the Muggles got this one right," he said, holding up a long strand of peel, the whole apple in a single piece.

James and Peter looked up from their game as Sirius closed his eyes and tossed the peel over his shoulder and onto the floor. He and Remus leaned over to look at the resulting letters, sharing a secret smile before Remus picked up the peel and transfigured it into a piece of parchment to take notes on. "Told you it was hogwash," he said, tossing the other apple to Remus. James and Peter groaned and went back to their game. "Your turn, Moony," Sirius said quietly.

"I don't have to," Remus said, biting into the apple and licking juice off his lips in a way that made Sirius squirm. "I already know what it'll say."

prompt for Day 2
No Tears Left | Day 2 | PG | 338 words

Once, a long time ago, Remus had loved the early fall, before the days got cold and wet and then nights long and dark. He'd always found summer to be too warm, though the short nights made the heat worth it. But then there was Sirius.

Sirius, who tasted like summer even during the longest winter night, who pulled him out of his shell when he was a boy and kept him from hurting anyone when he was a wolf. Prongs and Wormtail had come along, of course, but only Padfoot could knock Moony over and wrestle with him if the wolf got too close to Hogsmeade. The wolf feared no one, but it respected the black dog.

Sirius, who was beautiful and smart and still fell in love with a scarred werewolf with just enough brains to get by and not much in the way of looks. Even years after the first time Sirius had pinned him to the broom shed and kissed him, Remus had no idea what Padfoot had seen in him, still saw in him as he became even more scarred and grey than he had been when they'd first met.

Remus shook he head and pulled his jumper tighter around himself, ignoring the holes in the elbows and the fraying hems. The cold always made his bones ache, especially the first cold night of autumn, which always snuck up on him and made the werewolf want to curl up in a warm bed and sleep until spring. Once, Sirius had held him and kept him warm on nights like this, plying him with cider, chocolate, and simple bodily warmth. But Sirius was twice-gone, first Azkaban and then the fall through the Veil, and Remus was colder than he'd ever felt in his life. He looked up at the moon, a sliver of silver slowly working her way to full, and sighed. He'd cried for 13 years; the shock of having the man he loved back had stolen what was left of his tears.

prompt for Day 3
Echo | Day 3 | PG | 173 words

Padfoot scampered out of the cave, running down the leaf-filled streets of Hogsmeade. He barked at the heels of a man hurrying home as the sun went down before rushing to the edges of town, where a shack sat on the edges of the forest. He sat back on his haunches, tongue lolling. Once, on a full moon like this, the shack reverberated with howls, but that had been years ago, before weddings and births and lies and betrayals, when love hadn’t been enough to save him.

Padfoot eased himself back onto his paws, suddenly feeling the passage of years. But then there was a howl, more subdued than it had been, but Padfoot would recognize that howl anywhere. He knew he couldn’t run to that voice, stay with him until the wolf turned back into the man after a night of wild, sweet torture. Instead, he raised his voice in an answering howl, filled with longing and promise, and then went back to his cave to spend the night in restless slumber.

prompt for Day 4
Last Breath of Summer | Day 4 | PG | 379 words

They'd decided that Muggle clothes would be easier to run in than Hogwarts robes, and Remus was glad they had. It might have been daytime, and not yet freezing, but a thin but warm jumper and a scarf just screamed autumn to him. It wasn't his favorite season, what with the lengthening nights and the chill that could make his bones ache when it rained, but days like this, when the sky was clear and blue and the leaves just beginning to change, days like this made him love the season almost more than warm summer days and the wonderfully short nights.

"Oi, Moony, come on!" Sirius called, with a sparkle in his eye that made Remus blush. It was just the two of them on this Marauderly jaunt: Peter was 'studying' with a Ravenclaw girl he was seeing and James had gotten himself detention with McGonagall after attempting some stunt to get Lily's attention. Remus had warned him that transfiguring her inkpot into a box of chocolates would be a bad idea, though he, Sirius, and Peter had shared a good laugh when the box had come out filled with ink instead.

Remus caught up with Sirius at the fence between the beginning of the Herbology fields and the rest of the grounds. "What are we doing out here again, Pads?" he asked, hopping up and halfway across the low fence.

"Just wanted to get away from the castle for a bit," Sirius said, bending over and leaning on the fence by Remus’ knees. "This'll probably be one of the last nice days before it gets cold, and I want to enjoy it."

The wind caught their scarves and blew them up and to the side, bringing with it that distinct fall smell of brittle, dry leaves, crisp apples, and spices, cinnamon and nutmeg. Sirius looked up, and Remus leaned down to kiss him, still not over the surprise that he could even do that, though he’d been kissing Sirius for over a year. Sirius tasted of the cider they’d nicked from the kitchens, the maple sugar candies Peter had given them to bribe them out of the room, and a last breath of summer, one that Remus knew would get him through the long nights to come.

Feedback is better than chocolate.


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Oct. 5th, 2005 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yummy apples! But why is it PG-13?
Oct. 5th, 2005 04:25 pm (UTC)
Because I was being overzealous with my ratings at 2a or whenever it was.
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