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"...of work and class and relationships -- of failed midterms and job possibilities. And clubbing down in Washington, and museum-ing with Mum."

That, of course, being the short version of events.

Friday started badly, but got better. It was pouring, to start out with, and I failed my Archeology midterm before I'd actually woken up all the way. Between first and second classes I gave up on my shoes, and proceeded to walk from one class to the next barefoot in the lovely warm rain. Summer and I officially threw one last wild party and parted ways on Friday. *waves a hankerchief in farewll* Until next year, mon ami.

Worked for seven hours Friday afternoon, for a performance by this woman named Badi Abad who does Brazilian-influenced music on guitar, voice, and thumb-piano (which has another name that I've forgotten). She was very good, and a pleasure to work with, but I spent most of the show sitting in the stage left wing all bu myself on headset in the dark. Not fun, I must tell you, especially because the godforsaken stage manager did not understand the idea of warning a person when the lights go unexpectedly, or answering when someone asks you a question over headset. *headdesk*

Day got better still, when my boss, Chris, told me he wanted to introduce me to David Krebs. David Krebs is the head of technical theatre at UMCP. David Krebs trains stage managers, especially actors who are interested in tech, and being able to read music is a plus. David Krebs could train me as a stage manager, which would make me invaluable to bothe the theatre department and event staff. David Krebs could also be a very nice connection to have. Obviously, I was overjoyed at the very idea when Chris told me this. It made up for failing the midterm for sure.

Day ended with Chinese food for dinner at 1a. Fun stuff.

Saturday was a lazy day, until Rachel IMed me and told me that she and some friends were going clubbing, and invited me along. Frantic girl-time insued, in which I picked clothes and make-up and whatnot, finally settling on the new black bodice, black jeans, heels, black liquid eyeliner and mascara, and my hair in a braid. Met the group and Metroed west to DC and Platinum.

Learned a few valuable club things: 'get in free if at the door by 11p' means in front of the f-ing velvet rope at 11p; smoking is legal in clubs in DC, and cigarette smoke sticks to everything; always bring at least one guy for every girl, to be used as a foil in case some sketchy guy attempts to dance with one of the girls; two girls dancing together, even if they're practically making out, are an invitation, and the previous fact can be invoked to chase off sketchy people.

Other than that, clubbing was fun. Rachel and I are now on the hunt for a gay/lesbian club that lets in under-21s, which are hard to find. I see a letter to the Blade in the future.

Today, went museum-hopping with Mum for Asian Art. Had a lot of fun; as I have previously asserted, Mom and I get along rather well when it's just the two of us. Add more people into the equation, and it explodes. Got the work done that I needed, had a yummy lunch at the Museum of the American Indian, talked Mom's ears off about Chinese calligraphy, and still got home in time to take the photos from the museum to the CVS to be developed and still meet up with Rachel at the Coffee Bar at 9p. Spent the next hour wrapped around Rachel while she worked on creative writing for one of her classes. Two of her dance team compatriots and I helped her brainstorm ideas, and then I left to go back to the dorm, as I had laundry waiting. We made out in the hallway while I waited for my elevator, which was a lot of fun, of course, and then I got back to the dorm, only to discover that I have two huge blisters on my feet. I'll be health-centering tomorrow, since I can barely walk.

Must needs sleep. Hugs to anyone who can figure out what I parodied in the title and first line of this post.


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Oct. 10th, 2005 11:27 am (UTC)
hey! you'll have to come up to visit and we can go clubbing in pittsburgh, because Pegasus is fanTABulous!! =D
Oct. 10th, 2005 12:20 pm (UTC)
Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter"? Carroll was kind of a sketchy guy... :)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 11th, 2005 01:29 am (UTC)
I am merely reminded of how few people got the Trek refs you and I used to do. Ah, well.
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